Direct and exclusive importer of cosmetic care for well-being

  • Looking to differentiate yourself with alternative brands to the major brands in the magazines?
  • Are you looking for new products that rely on powerful, recognized natural ingredients?
  • Demanding, you are looking for mature products, with 100% completed formulations, and innovative?

Today, it is possible to promote the craft industry to large industrialists, without losing in product quality, quite the contrary!

Today, it is possible to promote the craft industry to large industrialists, without losing in product quality, quite the contrary!

After 2 years of field research and product testing, Reflet Nature is able to offer an almost complete range of effective treatments and thus provides an alternative service to committed professionals. The price of the products offered is explained by the richness of the sacred ingredients and not by the cumbersome advertising budgets.

Our offer based on floral waters and essential oils certified organic form a real novelty in the eyes of the demanding consumers.

Here are the forms in which your daily approach to well-being is defined:

  • Facial care (men and women)
  • Body care (woman, children)
  • Floral waters (for the whole family)
  • Massage products (man, woman, babies)
  • Handmade soaps (for the whole family and all skins)
  • Hand-made candles (alternative to essential oils diffusers for the home)

Controlled origin of products

All products of which we have exclusive distribution on France and BENELUX, are from Bulgaria, the world's leading producer of essential oil of Rose Damascena of superior quality, and essential oil of Lavender. We guarantee a short circuit between the producers, which we visit several times a year, and your points of sale, without any other intermediary. We stock products near Brussels.

All of our producing partners are small, usually family-owned, companies that focus on small-scale, quality production for mass production. Some of them provide the perfumery and cosmetics industry with high quality raw materials; They have gradually developed their skills in the realization of complex formulations and finished products, a real happiness for those who take the time to discover them.

The strong points

All the products marketed by Reflet Nature have an INCI composition based on:

  • Organic certified essential oils,
  • Certified floral waters BIO,
  • Argan oil certified organic,
  • Extracts with supercritical CO2 BIO.
  • The proposed treatments respond in a sharp and effective way to the needs of different skin types

And specifically by age:

  • Skins: dry, mixed, oily, sensitive
  • Ages: babies, over 20 years, over 35, over 45 years.

No products contain:

  • SLS
  • paraben
  • Petrochemicals
  • Silicone
  • Artificial perfumes (*)
  • Cyclomethicone or Siloxane
  • BHA, BHT
  • Bibutyl Phthalate
  • PEG
  • Trocolsan

(*)With the exception of 3 hair care « Healthy Hair ».

Our selection of brands

  • Phytocode: Une offre complète de soins pour le visage et le corps, à base d'Eau Florale de Rose Damascena certifiée BIO (Ecocert), et des formulations pour cheveux à l'huile d'Argan certifiée BIO.
  • Ecomaat: L'aromathérapie certifiée BIO de qualité supérieure, aux Huiles Essentielles et Huiles Végétales, avec une innovation extrêmement rare au niveau mondial - des Extraits au CO2 supercritique ! des Eaux Florales aux Sérums en passant par les Compléments Alimentaires.
  • Freen: Des savons et des bougies naturels, faits-main, aux huiles essentielles certifiées BIO.
  • Kateko: Des huiles de massages naturelles aux fragrances entièrement naturelles, des Huiles Végétales et une palette complète d'Huiles Essentielles naturelles (25 options).