The Valley of the Bulgarian Roses ...

La Vallée des Roses bulgare..

Our mission is to put nature back in the service of well-being and beauty, through a range of cosmetics based on the principles of Aromatherapy, 100% natural and certified organic.

All our products are from the famous Valley of the Bulgarian Roses, famous for Rose Damascena and Lavender. We work directly with local family producers, which we visit several times a year, guaranteeing the traceability and quality of products, in a short circuit between producers and consumers.

The Bulgarian Tradition

Bulgaria, member of the European Union of 2007, is located in the South East of Europe, just above Greece. Consisting of large farmland, Bulgaria has developed since the 17th century the cultivation of the Rose, probably imported by the Ottomans from Turkey. It is from the 19th century that a prosperous industry was derived from it, mainly based on the distillation of Essential Oil and Floral Water from Damascus Rose.

Today, Bulgaria is the world's leading producer of Rose Damas and Lavender essential oils for cosmetics and perfumery. A tradition of cosmetics has also resulted.

The Valley of the Bulgarian Roses

The Valley of the Roses is located in the center of Bulgaria, enclosed between 2 mountain massifs (the Rhodopees in the South, the Great Balkan in the North). This exceptional geographical situation, its climate (harsh in winter, lime and wet in the spring and summer) and its soil, have allowed the development of the Rose Damascena culture, originally imported from Turkey (initially this rose comes from the region of Damascus, hence its name). The capital of the Valley of the Roses, Kazanlak, is also the center of the economic and folkloric activity linked to the cultivation of the Rose and especially the production of essential oil of rose.

The Bulgarian specialties

The Rose, Lavender and True Geranium (Zdravets) Thanks to Bulgaria's recognized expertise in the cultivation and distillation of aromatic plants, it has diversified its production, and today also offers other essential oils, such as The true Geranium (Zdravets), the Chamomile, the Clary Sage or the Melissa.

Organic cultures

Our plants are grown on the basis of organic farming, in our own fields (Rose, Lavender, Clary Sage ...).

Wild plants picked up in the mountains

Some of the plants used are of wild origin (True Geranium - Zdravets for example) and are picked from the surrounding mountain.

An exclusive production, on site ...

Essential oils, Floral Waters and Extracts are the basis of our cosmetics. They are produced on site, right from the harvest to ensure freshness, in modern Distillation and Supercritical CO2 Extraction facilities. Modern, clean and environmentally friendly technologies.

A spring water

The process of distilling essential oils requires large amounts of water (for a few millimeters of essential oil of rose, it takes 300kg of Rose petals, and 1500L of water!). We have our own water sources, at the distillation site, in order to use the purest water that is ...

Quality Packaging

All our products are packaged in glass bottle, dark, in order to guarantee the quality of products, without preservatives, and to protect the light.