Floral Water - Hydrolats

Floral Waters (also called Hydrolats ) are a 100% natural alternative for cleansing the skin, or for removing makeup. While offering, depending on the plant used, additional effects and a specific perfume.

Our floral waters are 100% organic and all come from Ecomaat. It is distinguished by its superior quality which guarantees for each floral water used, to obtain the highest benefits offered by nature. Ecomaat cultivates each of the distilled plants on its own land and controls the entire production of its hydrolates. While most Floral Waters are the residue of Essential Oil distillation, our Floral Waters come from a specific distillation, which gives it superior qualities thanks to a greater concentration of active ingredients.

It is LACON Germany which certifies the 100% organic character of the products. When you apply Ecomaat floral water to your skin, you feel the quality of the product at its perfume, as soon as it is opened and every time you use it again. Our floral waters have been awarded "Slow Cosmetic".