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Rose Damascena has been known for centuries for its many virtues. Beyond its captivating fragrance, products made from Rose of Bulgaria, consumed by oral route, thinned the complexion of the face. In the last century, Rose jam became a popular laxative. His fasting consumption in the morning was considered the best facial treatment compared to any other ointment or preparation for bleaching.

Damascena Rose is recognized by 3 groups of benefits.

Benefits Cosmetics (or skin) of Rose Damascena

  • healing
  • Refreshing, regenerating
  • revitalizing
  • Whitens the skin
  • Tonic

Psychological Benefits of Rose Damascena

  • soothing
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Anti stress

Health benefits (internal) of Rose Damascena

  • Palpitations and Blood Pressure
  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Gallbladder and Liver

Our 100% BIO Essential Oil and Rose Oil extracts help to intensify these effects. A scientific analysis by the Japan Institute for Analytical Chemistry in 2006 showed that more than 53% of the active natural ingredients of Rose Damascena Essential Oil, namely Linalool, Cintronellol and Geraniol, Are detected on the skin after being consumed orally. Our food supplements are available in 2 forms. The drops, for a rapid absorption, but effect of shorter duration (3 hours). And the capsules, more concentrated, for a prolonged effect (more than 6 hours) and in cure. Consumed in the form of a dietary supplement (in drops or capsules), one can then appreciate more intense and longer the effects of the Rose of Damascus on its body, its skin and its spirit.